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Jetway P4XFCU socket 478 mainboard 400/533 mhz FSB refurbished

Jetway P4XFCU socket 478 mainboard 400/533 mhz FSB refurbished

Prima refurbished socket 478 board met casepanel, verder geen toebehoren. Geschikt voor oudere celeron 400 mhz en Pentium 4 Northwood tot ca. 3 ghz. Ondersteunt geen prescott en hyperthreading. UNIEK: heeft 1 SDRAM slot zodat uw PC100/PC133 nog gebruikt kan worden, maar ook 2 DDR sloten! Met sound, usb 2.0 en AGPO 4x slot on board.

Technische Details


  • Support Socket 478B processor for Intel Pentium? 4 (mPGA478) package processor ,Support 400M/533MHz System Bus Frequency


  • VIA P4X266E Memory Controller Hub (MCH)
  • VIA 8233A South Bridge

CPU Bus Frequency

  • CPU Bus Frequency , Choose One Step Add 1MHz From 100MHz Up to 200MHz in BIOS Setup (Frequency Magic Setting)


  • Support Jumpless Function by BIOS SETUP Let Users More Easier to Change The Frequency And Ratio

Expansion Slot

  • Five 32-bit PCI Bus Master Slots
  • One 4 X AGP Slot

System Memory

  • 1 x 168-pin DIMM Sockets support PC133 SDRAM up to 1.0GB System Memory.
  • 2 x 184-pin DDR Module Socket support DDR200/DDR266 DDR SDRAM up to 2.0GB System memory.

On Board IDE

  • Support 2 X IDE Connectors for up to 4 IDE Drives
  • Support PIO Mode 3 and Mode 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA, Mode 4 Timing for up to 16M Bytes/s
  • Support UTRA DMA-133 Bus Master IDE, Provide faster transfer rate up to 133M Bytes/s
  • Support LS-120 / ZIP Device

On Board 3D Audio

  • Software Audio Controller With On Board CODEC Complete to AC97?
  • Support 3D Surround
  • Support 3D Positioning
  • Full Duplex Operation For Simultaneous Record And Playback
  • Sound Driver for Windows 95 , Windows98 & Windows NT4.0 , Media Rack

On Board Ultra I/O

  • On Board Winbond Chipset
  • 2 X Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART Compatible)
  • 1 X Parallel Port (EPP and ECP capabilities)
  • 1 X Floppy Disk Connector (Supports 2 Floppy Drivers)
  • 1 X PS2 Mouse Connector
  • 1 X Keybord Cnnector
  • 3 X Three Wire FAN Connector (Include CPU FAN)
  • 1 X LINE IN / LINE OUT / Microphone Connector
  • 1 X Game Port Connector (Support Two Joysticks)
  • 2 X Analog Audio CD Music line Connectors (different connector)
  • 1 X Consumer IR Connector
  • 1 X Standard IR Connector (Infrared)

Winbond Hareware Doctor

  • Winbond Hareware Doctor to Track CPU & SYSTEM Temperature, Voltage, Fan speed, Monitoring your Computer

On Board USB

  • 4X USB2.0 Ports Connector
  • Support USB Keyboard & USB Mouse

Power Saving

  • ACPI/APM Power Management
  • Modem Ring remote wake up
  • RTC Alarm Wake up
  • Support Software Suspend & Power off
  • Support Suspend to DISK
  • Support Auto Power ON After Power Fail Function
  • Support Keyboard Password / Hot-Key / Any Key Power on Function
  • Support PS2 Mouse Button Click Power On
  • Support Keyboard98 Power on Function
  • Support Power Button Ride (Instant off or Delay 4 second power off)

Power Supply

  • Support 20-pin ATX power supply (ATX-PW)


  • Award BIOS , Support Green function, Plug and Play Function
  • 2MBit Flash ROM


  • ATX Form Factor with 30.5cm X 21.0cm

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