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PCI legacy videokaart schaars 128MB CGA-9258PTVD CLUB3D Radeon 9250 PCI

PCI legacy videokaart schaars 128MB CGA-9258PTVD CLUB3D Radeon 9250 PCI

PCI kaart legacy ... pulled uit werkende computer, 3 mnd garantie....

Long product name CLUB3D Radeon 9250 PCI 128MB GDDR :
Radeon 9250, PCI, 128MB DDR, DVI, TV-out << CLUB3D Radeon 9250 PCI 128MB GDDR:


- Four parallel rendering pipelines process up to 1.1 billion pixels per second
- High performance 2nd generation hardware transform & lighting engine
- Advanced vertex shader support for the latest programmable effects
SMARTSHADER™ technology
- Full support for DirectX ? 8.1 programmable pixel and vertex shaders in hardware
- 1.4 pixel shaders support up to 22 instructions and up to 6 textures per rendering pass
- 1.1 vertex shaders support vertex programs up to 128 instructions
- Complete feature set also supported in OpenGL ? via extensions
- Programmable shaders provide enhanced 3D effects in over 100 existing and upcoming game titles


- Image quality enhancement features for Direct3D™ and OpenGL ? applications
- Programmable full-scene anti-aliasing supports 2 to 6 samples with user selectable performance and quality modes
- Advanced anisotropic filtering supports 2 to 16 samples for high quality texture rendering with minimal performance impact


- Lossless Z-Buffer Compression and Fast Z-Buffer Clear reduce memory bandwidth by up to 25%

- FULLSTREAM™ Hardware accelerated de-blocking of Internet video streams
- VIDEO IMMERSION™ II delivers industry-leading DVD playback
- Integrated MPEG-2 decode including iDCT and motion compensation for top quality DVD with lowest CPU usage
- Unique Adaptive per-pixel de-interlacing feature combines the best elements of the "bob" and "add-field" (weave) techniques
- YUV to RGB color space conversion
- Back-end scaler delivers top quality playback
- 4-tap horizontal and vertical filtering
- Upscaling and downscaling
- Filtered display of images up to 1920 pixels wide
- Hardware mirroring for flipping video images in video conferencing systems
- Supports 8-bit alpha blending and video keying for effective overlay of video and graphics


- Dual integrated display controllers to drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions and refresh rates
- HYDRAVISION™ software provides complete control over multi-display configurations with a user-friendly interface 400MHz Dual integrated DACs with 10-bit per channel palette
- Integrated DVI-compliant 165MHz TMDS transmitter
- Integrated TV-Out support up to 1024x768 resolution


- Windows? Logo Program compliant
- Optimized for Pentium ? 4 SSE2 and AMD Athlon™ 3Dnow! processor instructions
- Highly optimized 128-bit 2D engine with support for new Windows? XP GDI extensions

Prijs: € 33

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