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SALE!! FSC Palm Mouse PS2, niet op tafel, maar in de hand! .. Nu 2 stuks 1 euro!!

SALE!! FSC Palm Mouse PS2, niet op tafel, maar in de hand! .. Nu 2 stuks 1 euro!!

Superhandige muis voor laptop, als aanwijzer bij presentaties, of als afstandsbediening bij uw tv-kaart: de Palm Muis... Niet op tafel met een balletje of laser, maar in de hand houden en navigeren met uw duim! Ook een leuke gimmick of een perfect cadeautje... Geschikt voor links- en rechtshandigen! Geen 50 of 36 dollar, zoals in Amerika, maar slechts 2 euro bij! PS2 aansluiting, bedraad.

Verschillende kleuren: paars, groen, geel, wordt at random geleverd!

Let's see: there are one, two, and three button mice in every size and shape, wireless mice, trackballs, touchpads, light pens, graphics tablets, the Micropoint, the gyromouse, and the foot mouse. It seems as though, in the last few years, computer jockeys have gone through an input identity crisis and have told their plain ol' vanilla mice they love them and all, but they need to start "seeing other input devices."

The latest little cutie to catch our eye is the Fujitsu Palm Mouse. This handheld mouse is designed to be used for computer-based presentations (think: high-tech version of a slide projector remote) and other situations where you don't want to use a desktop mouse or where tablespace is limited.

Like the name implies, the kidney-shaped Palm Mouse fits comfortably in your hand. The cursor is controlled by a concave button called a "navigation dome" located on the top surface of the mouse. Thumb pressure on the dome moves the cursor. The harder you press, the faster it moves. The primary mouse button (a.k.a. the "left mouse button" on a regular two-button mouse) is located along the front edge and the secondary button ("right mouse button") is on the top, behind the nav dome. The Palm Mouse uses a proprietary magnetic sensor technology. It's in a sealed case with no openings to collect dust and "hand salsa." It has a PS/2-type connector and a 6' cable.

Obviously, a Palm Mouse is only for special situations where a desktop input device doesn't make sense. I use mine as a remote control for the PC w/TV card that's on the other desk in my office. I can work the TV and look things up without having to wheel my chair over to it. The 6' cord is just long enough to reach my primary work area.

It's amazing how quickly one can get used to a new input device. It only took me a few minutes to get reasonably accurate with the Palm Mouse. It's definitely not the most efficient way of doing business on-screen, but if you need this type of remote control, it's not half bad. It certainly beats an AirBoard pointer, for instance. The Palm Mouse is very lightweight and can be used by both righties and lefties. It feels like it's made from rather cheap materials and I wonder if it could withstand much punishment (which it might get if you used it with a traveling presentation system, for instance).

The Palm Mouse is not likely to satisfy your mid-life input device crisis ("Hey, that GyroMouse looks pretty damn sexy!"), but for presenters and others who want cursor control off the desktop, this little (and cheap!) mini-mouse works just fine.

Prijs: € 1

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